New photos 

that pic of me in the slammin salmon shirt is by local photographer Michelle Gregory...... the photo montage is my Scottie Hodge from video captures.... vid by curtis Hanvey


Since our Smiley's gig came to an end we've been branchin out .... in more ways than one... Joe is in the midst of a bunch of Plate full o Blues gigs... I'm working with some other artists like David Smith and Darby Wilcox as well as producing some music in the studio....

check out free down loads in the music section of this web site.... got a couple of Darby Wilcox tunes there.

But Catfish Po' Boys are still at Smoke on the Water every wednesday and we just did a great gig at Cribbs Kitchen in…

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Po' Boys move to Saturday 

After 3 years in the Friday dinner slot at Smiley's we're moving to Saturday at the same time, 6-9.

"best new years ever!" 

started 010 with a day of music and yoga..... the session with Matt and Ashley turned out well after we got my dog Buster calmed down. He really liked the two of them and was cutting laps around the studio like it was saturday at the Greenville/Pickens Speedway..... We were working on my tune "Shake that Butter". I knew it was gonna be a good session cause they were playing great stuff after the first go through [it was their first time hearing it]. Once I got a few engineering problems straightened out…

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new music 

have been busy learning logic 9 which is a recording/editing program. Started laying down some demos over the vacation and am awed by the sound quality..... Niel Brooks and Glenn Cannon both use the program and now I see why.... Matt Purinton and his bass playin buddy Ashley [ silver dagger] are comin over friday to record and I've got a handful of new songs to try out on them... Rachel Van slyke is going to do a few demos of her songs as well....what a great way to start out the new year!!

CD Release Party! 

jan 12 was the relaease party for the "Carolina Bar B Que" CD. Andrea Miller opened with a strong set featuring percussion by Gentry.....I played a short introductory set including some new tunes. Fred Vanderford hit the stage and the party shifted up a notch when he and Russ Chapman jammed several of tunes from the CD. Niel Brooks joined the fun on the Obligatory Shuffle. Fred and Russ took a break and Niel blew the standing room only crowd away as we traded solos on If you're a Viper After a short…

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